Welcome to NCsail

What is NCsail?

NCsail is not a yacht club, nor an organization. It is a website created by and for North Carolina sailors as a tool for better communication in the sailing community.

Its primary focus:

1. To aid in the sharing of information and communication among North Carolina sailors, those in neighboring states, and anyone interested in sailing in NC.

2. To aid in planning meets, daysails, trips, etc.

3. For information on sailing North Carolina's waters.

There are no dues, no registration, absolutely nothing official whatsoever-- it's 100% free (beer, rum, or other pirate booty donations accepted graciously!)

NCSail has been accused of "trying to steal members" from other NC sailing clubs. This is, of course, hogwash. First of all, we're too lazy to care about headcounts. Secondly: Why steal members when you have no memberships? Finally: We're not a bloody club! They're just jealous because we actually end up going sailing more than they do under an anarchistic grab-a-boat-and-go pick-up system, our parties are more fun, and we have the best-looking wenches!